Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Board Transitions Summer 2016!

The HCCS Board of Directors welcomed two new members in June, Nate Look and Lili Yeo and held officer elections. Both Nate and Lili are HCCS parents and have been active volunteers prior to joining the Board.

Nate Look is a certified public accountant with over 10 years experience in different facets of accounting and financial analysis. He grew up in Seattle and graduated from University of Portland with Bachelor's and Masters degrees in Business Administration. Nate and his wife Jennifer have 3 children, 2 of which attend HCCS. They both love the school immensely. He enjoys tennis, and Hawaiian vacations. Nate was elected to Board Treasurer.

Lili Yeo has 20 years experience in consumer marketing with Fortune 200 companies and the last six years with Goumikids - a startup that she co-founded. Prior to Goumikids, she headed the China practice and led cross-functional teams to create market-relevant, profitable consumer experience solutions for emerging global brand clients. Lili holds an MBA from the Institute of Management Development (IMD), a BA in International Marketing from the University of Washington and a Certificate from Beijing University. She was also a guest lecturer at the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics on topics of International Marketing, International Trade and Cross–Cultural Communication. Lili speaks five languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and Tagalog. Lili and her husband, Alan, have two children at HCCS.

Victor DePablos was elected to Board Chair. Victor has worked in Telecommunication for nearly 30 years both at Ericsson Telecom, and for the past 20 years at AT&T. He is currently the Operations Manager for the Production Support Lab, but has worked in Commissioning, Engineering, and Operations. He has a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering and an MBA as well as being a Six Sigma Green Belt. He recently started a second Master's degree in Data/Computer Science. Victor and his wife Monica have two children at HCCS and have been active volunteers over the past 4 years. He has served on the Board for the past two years.

The Board also bid farewell to Sanjay Reddy, who stepped down after serving a total of three years and as Board Chair for the past two years. Sanjay has been instrumental in transitioning the Board to a governing and strategic role. Sanjay has also been very active in establishing volunteer expectations and commitments, including the implementation of HelpCounter.  "Sanjay's great leadership and hard work for the school have been fundamental to our success," said Victor. "He will be missed." Sanjay and his wife Latha have two children at HCCS and have been active volunteers over the past 4 years.

The Board accepts applications throughout the year and elects new members in June and December of each year. The Board has a particular need for new members with an Education, Legal, or Human Resources background. Candidates are expected to have demonstrated their commitment to the school through meaningful volunteering. Please email the Board Secretary for more information.

Thank you!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

2016 Cherry Fundraiser!

Cherries are coming! Cherries are coming! Plan now for the 3rd Annual HCCS Cherry Fundraiser!

Right now they are ripening on the trees! Please keep an eye on your inbox as we will be sending out a message very soon. Don't miss your opportunity to participate in this popular fundraiser all while enjoying delicious, fresh Hood River Cherries. Deliveries estimated the third or fourth week in June. Prices will be the same as last year but don't delay as they sell out very quickly!!!

The details:
  • 20 lb. case of fresh field picked Hood River Cherries for $42. 
  • Full case sales only.
  • Varieties include Red Lapin and Rainier, picked fresh the morning of delivery.
  • $10 of the purchase price is donated to HCCS.
  • Two delivery dates, which will be determined once cherries are fully ripe.
  • Pickup will be from our new school building.
  • If 20 lbs. is too much for your family, find a family or friend to share.

Plan now to support HCCS with this yummy fundraiser! Not only does this benefit our school, but we are supporting local cherry growers in Hood River, OR. Enjoy this healthy, sweet fruit at a great price. Please share this opportunity with friends and family that may be interested!

If you are available to assist with receiving and distributing cherries, we could use your help. Please contact Stacie Yost at

Thank you!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Skype Session with Author Grace Lin

Proud of my Heritage!

Part of our revised mission at HCCS is "Educating for Global Fluency" which includes exposing students to literature and authors from different cultures, especially Chinese culture.

In late January, our 3rd and 4th grade students were treated to a Skype session with American writer and illustrator, Grace Lin. Ms. Lin’s parents were Taiwanese immigrants to the United States. She is the author of popular children’s books such as Where the Mountain Meets The Moon (2010 Newbery Award), The Ugly Vegetables, Starry River of the Sky, Year of the Dog, Dim Sum for Everyone, and many more. Her latest book is called When the Sea Turned to Silver.

The timing of her interaction with our students couldn’t have been more perfect.  She recently did a twelve-minute TED talk earlier in January titled, The Windows and Mirrors of Your Child’s Bookshelf. It’s incredibly moving and truly inspirational. A must see for all parents!!!

She discusses her feelings as a child growing up in a hometown with little diversity. She felt ashamed of being Chinese. When she looked to her favorite hobby of reading, she only found books of heroines that looked nothing like her. Her early drawings, illustrations and stories never included Asian characters or themes because she wanted to completely forget she was Chinese. It wasn’t until she was an adult studying art in Italy, during a conversation with a local that she came to a realization. She knew very little about her own culture and until that day, never wanted to embrace or speak the Chinese language.

Soon, she began creating the types of books that she longed for as a child in elementary school. Books with Asian heroines, heroes and themes.

Our school was honored to have her share her personal story as well as answer questions from our students. They also had an opportunity to write letters to Ms. Lin afterwards. Many wrote about how they enjoyed reading her books while others wrote about the Skype session. It made such an impact that one 4th grader wrote to her about his experience after the live Skype session.

“I learned that you tried to forget your heritage and I also tried to forget mine. Thank you for letting me realize that I should learn about my heritage. I’m going to try to learn more about it.”

Are the books in your child's bookshelf windows, mirrors or both?

Monday, March 14, 2016

HCCS Volunteer Report - February 2016

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers!!! 

Please click HERE or the link above to view all the hours our parents, 
grandparents, friends and community members have contributed 
in order to make our school a terrific place to learn!

If you have not yet logged your volunteer hours, please do so at We know many of you have donated hours and we would like to recognize your support of our school. If you would like to volunteer, please contact our Advancement Director, Mr. Robyn Stolin, at 

Thank you for your continued support!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Students Volunteer at Oregon Food Bank

A Day of No school = A Day for Community Service!

Fourth grade parent, Cecilia, has always been a strong advocate of kids getting involved in community service. She offered up a great idea for a no school day activity by inquiring about opportunities for students to volunteer at Oregon Food Bank (OFB). OFB offers groups, ages six and up, the opportunity to volunteer and give back to their communities by way of time and labor. The Hope Chinese Charter School (HCCS) group consisted of six students from 4th grade, one 2nd grader, one 1st grader and four parents that participated on a rainy Friday afternoon in late February at the Beaverton, Oregon branch.

Upon arrival, volunteers used a computerized check-in process. Next they were given specific instructions by OFB staff on specific duties for the two hour shift. "Today, you will be working with dried oats and helping local families in need. At OFB we put together staple food products donated by the community along with bulk items we purchase to make complete meals."

The attire for the day was a bit different than the students were used to wearing. They were donned in hairnets, plastic aprons, disposable gloves and arm sleeves with a reminder about good hand washing. They weren't exactly thrilled with the gear but were extremely eager to get to work. Their tasks included the following: measure, weigh, package and box up dried oats. The HCCS group of 12 split up into two groups and rotated jobs so no one got bored with just one task. They were joined by other local volunteers from companies such as Intel and Wells Fargo Bank, making up a total of 30 people for the day.

Learning about empathy and being a team player are no strange concepts for students of HCCS. After all, these are part of the Wisdom Seeker characteristics. Students are very familiar with them as they are consistently reinforced at school. Specifically, World Citizen and Team Member are two of the four characteristics these students displayed during this volunteer activity. The other two being Leader and Critical Thinker. A World Citizen is defined as "one who shows respect and empathy for people and cultures; takes responsibility for his/ her own actions." A Team Member is defined as "one who cooperates and communicates harmoniously in group settings; appreciates talents of self and others; resolves conflict peacefully." To learn more about the Wisdom Seekers Program, please click link. Here are some of the valuable things the students gained from their overall experience.

Food safety        
Quality control 
Weights and  Measures  
Assembly line production
Job mastery and cross training
Community Service  

HCCS Team Results:

  • 1244 pounds of food packed
  • 1032 meals for local families (86 meals each)
  • 70 boxes packed for delivery

To learn more about the Oregon Food Bank and how you and your child can volunteer,  please visit

"OFB works with a cooperative, statewide network of partner agencies to distribute emergency food to hungry families. We fight hunger's root causes through public policy advocacy, nutrition and garden education and work to strengthen community food systems." -OFB website

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Xi Wang Gala & Auction - March 5, 2016

Going ONCE...going TWICE...SOLD!!!

This is a very exciting time of year for the school community as we prepare for our biggest fundraising event of the year. The 2016 Xi Wang Gala and Auction! We would love for all our parents, supporters and friends to attend. Our annual gala helps raise funds towards the budget gap for the following school year, 2016-2017. (Estimated gap per child is $2,235)

Enjoy a fun night of entertainment, dinner/drinks, a dessert dash, dancing and our silent and live auctions! This year our Gala is being held on: 

Saturday, March 5th, 5:30 pm
NW Events and Environments
2900 NW 229th Ave #100, Hillsboro, OR 97124

(Adult Only Event)

Early Bird Pricing is $500 for a table (seats 10 people) and $64 for each individual ticket.

Regular Tickets can be purchased starting February 1!
$640 for a table (seats 10 people) and $69 for each individual ticket. You may complete your on-line registration, buy your tickets or donate procured items on our Gala page HERE

If you are unable to attend the Gala, but would still like to support our school, please consider making a financial contribution. Many employers such as Nike and Intel will match employee contributions at 100%. Intel now matches at 100% (previously 50%) with a maximum of $5,000 per year. To make a donation, please click HERE

Questions? Please make all gala inquiries by email to our Advancement Director,
Robyn Stolin at

Thank you for your continued support or our school!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#GivingTuesday 2015!

Have you heard of #GivingTuesday? 

#GivingTuesday and #OregoniansGive is a world-wide social media activity on Dec. 1st to piggy back on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday attention. Giving Tuesday was started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y in New York City and the United Nations Foundation as a response to commercialization and consumerism in the post-Thanksgiving season. This year is our pilot year and an opportunity to introduce the HCCS community to this philanthropic day.

HCCS's goal is not just to have our own families donate through this medium, but to encourage them to reach out to friends, families, and social networks. It is meant to be a no pressure donation ask by using the "holiday" of #GivingTuesday to tell people, "Hey, this day is a day of world-wide giving and if you are interested in participating, please consider HCCS as one of your non-profits of choice." Also, we now have the capability to accept donations easily via our Facebook page, Hope Chinese Charter School and Twitter by simply typing #donate and the dollar amount in any comment section of our page or posts. The first time will require a quick sign up, but then anyone can donate very quickly. We encourage you to check out the company to see how it works: Goodworld.

Also, check out the other participating nonprofits who utilize #donate. Because the fees are higher for this technology, it is intended to be used primarily by people outside our current family pool. The extra good news is that the fees are much lower during the month of December 2015 and any donation of over $20 will receive an additional $1.00  donated by Goodworld.  

Please spread the word to your networks and also to other HCCS families and let's raise awareness and funds for HCCS!

Thank you for your continued support!